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    Disbanding the clan!


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    Disbanding the clan!

    Post by liongreen on Fri May 11, 2012 8:53 pm

    Hey guys as you all know this decision is not easy to handle expecially when it comes from myself the motivate guy and the emotional leader.

    The thing is I cannot same with Bukkake and Deathraver and J73 play anymore as we used to do. Css became shit so zombie escape with the new players the bunch of copy clans etc etc.

    Before This game was fun was a team game where evreybody love to play each others nowdays became a "pro" game where evrybody do it takes to be "popular" or to be the best as "team" or individual.

    After me and Deathraver talk alot we decide in disbanding TCE and finsih this clan forever.

    If u guys ask me IF its sad to disband something that i create i will say YEs but if u guys ask me if i am dissapointed i will say NO when i create TCE was suppose be a family team that play toghter we didnt eveen cared about no one outside our circle cuz we were united as Friends thats why we disbanding we dont want have more clan fights or be in clans or groups and we dont need A TAG to comprove we pro as well TCE wasnt about that in the beggining was about true friendship and will kepp like this eveenn though this Disband.

    I would like to say thank you to all former and current members for the contribution u guys did to this team.

    Special thanks to Luffaren and Kaemon and Hannibal for the greatest ze maps ever (Maps that unfortanetly were responsible for the decline of ze team mode but that is others story)

    I would Like to say Thanks to Cazador My oldest friend on steam and eveen though i wont come alot to steam from now since i am fucken busy and this game is boring for me nowdays i would like to say to him he is a nice person and a friend for me since the days we played zm roy ship. I rember make a bet with him saying who would quit first well I did Thanks Caz for all u did for me and for zombie escape without your probably TCE woudnt evenn be Created cuz was our friendship that create the description of what a chosen player and more important a chosen friend should be..

    We will continue come this forum though if we need talk each others

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    Re: Disbanding the clan!

    Post by Deathraver on Sat May 12, 2012 1:22 am

    Yea, as of now, ZE is shit. Its time to move on.
    I will be quitting ZE. But this doesnt mean you stop inviting me to games. Who knows? There may be a time that I might hop in for the lols.

    As Lion said, we somehow became a "pro clan", I dont know how, but I blame that on us. We were meant to be a tight group for friends.
    It was fun and a honor playing with every ŦČΣ members in the past. Former or not.

    I would like to say some Special Thanks also of my "ZE career".

    Bukkake - My "sensei" and brother to me, he taught me EVERYTHING there is to know about CS:S. Be it from ZE tactics, and bhopping. Also was the first I befriended after I moved to oversea servers.

    Liongreen - Hurr durrr. This derp leader needs to learn english. But he is by far one of the best ZE players I know and a trusted friend you can rely on.

    All ŦČΣ members - Former and current (before disbandment). It was fun playing with you guys.

    ICannt - Well, its where I grew up as a ZE player, it died. But I will not forget the times I play there.

    Fuckballs and the members of the FFVII Elites (When I joined) - That includes the STFU members, Rubber Johnny, CNe, Vy, Unknown, 3DG, Riperzz and the rest I had forgotten when I first join at the time when the group was at its 20s.
    It was fun playing with you guys in the past, and huge respect from me. You guys taught me TONS of things in ZE, and made me into a "good player".
    But I will NOT respect the current members, in fact I hate them. Only the ones that I was with.

    Cazador - Of course, if I never met him, I never met Liongreen. He also helped me to skill up myself in ZE. Even though we not friends anymore, his a person to be respected.

    CNe7532294 - You always keep things entertaining and not boring in the server, respect.

    Steamgamers - They may hate us now, but in the past back when before ŦČΣ was created, I had the most fun in their server, and by far, is the best server that I have ever play in.

    Hannibal and Kaemon - Do I need to say anything? There maps are the best!

    Luffaren - Predator was hell of a time to play with but I never did like how you made the contest results into...

    If you guys want to game with me, feel free to meet me up in DotA.


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