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    TCE EVENT!!! (Day 17-18 March)


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    TCE EVENT!!! (Day 17-18 March)

    Post by liongreen on Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:23 pm

    Its time to get our amzing server full so here we go First event!

    Free VIPs (2 weeks)
    People that won ultimate in TCE server with at least 25 + players (screenshot and send one of admins)

    People that win Ex2 in TCE server at least with 25 + players (screenshot and send one of admins)

    The porter of ring in mount doom and mines of Moria wins VIP (3 weeks if can carry team to the win and with the round as well + 25 players in the server with demo for admins see).

    Best teamwork will win VIP (FOREVER) this award will be given and for TCE clan himself and will be give to the guy that loves more the server apart of the clan working as a teammate populating the server with his friends dedicating his time to the server.

    Best ze player apart of all TCE members that cant participate in this contest since we judges will win a VIP(4 months) Remember be the best of the best be a completely ze player means that u have a fucken pro knowledge of every map in ze lead the team to victories with server almost full and prove that u are a chosen one.

    People that won Minas in TCE server at least 25+ players (stage 4 extreme should send screenshot for admin and win VIP 2 weeks).

    Paranoid! for all lovers of Paranoid we have a special event (Win with server with more than +25 players alone without using crow and light in that EPIC WIN u should record and send Demo to TCE owners)

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    Re: TCE EVENT!!! (Day 17-18 March)

    Post by Patrão on Fri Mar 09, 2012 11:37 pm

    Rushaway: True story bro.


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