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    Bye and thank you, Skye!


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    Bye and thank you, Skye!

    Post by Deathraver on Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:32 am

    As some of you guys know, Skye left ŦČΣ. He decided that he will stop playing and continue his social life.

    Lion had made a ŦČΣ honor group for members that are special in our heart, Skye is one of them. A dedicated, going-forum-kind-of guy that always has something to add to the conversation. Thats why this group is for the people who retired from the ŦČΣ clan, not becuase of something to do with games but to prepare for his future in life.

    Skye will still be a ŦČΣ member in forum and can still be called ŦČΣ member in the clan. He can be allowed to gain access to Members Only sections and will always be one of us.

    All i want to say is, thank you, Skye, for your love for ŦČΣ. Its sad for me to see a member leave but more sad to see a friend leave..

    Love you and good luck Skye! <333333333

    Image gift, so can you fap all over it xD

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